The conference is organized by a group of activists and researchers based in Montreal. It is supported by the journal Historical Materialism, the Nouveaux cahiers du socialisme, Critical Social Theory at McGill, and the Institut de recherche sur l’émancipation.

The members of the organizing collective are: Alain Savard, Anna Kruzynski, Anne Latendresse, Arnaud Theurillat-Cloutier, Bengi Akbulut, Carl Plowright, Elie Abouwaked, Elisabeth Béfort-Doucet, Emanuel Guay, Felix Fuchs, Francis Dolan, Frédéric Legault, Gavin Walker , Guillaume T. Boily, Isobel Plowright, Maika Sondarjee, Jonathan Durand-Folco, Pierre Beaudet, Sara Farah, Simon Tremblay-Pépin, Sofia Cutler and Xavier Lafrance

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