The Great Transition – May 21 to 24 2020, Montreal

One of the deepest political lessons of our times is that the radical left is undergoing a crisis. We are currently unable to articulate a clear vision for the future. “Anti-capitalism”, anti-racism”, “Change the system, not the climate”, “Another world is possible”: this vocabulary expresses a negative and defensive political impulse, underlining our incapacity to put forward a positive, inspiring project.

Now is the time to act. The multi-faceted crisis we are going through requires the creation of new utopias. This is why The Great Transition invites you to reflect on alternative models and new political strategies in tune with our current situation. Click here for further details about our conference themes.

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With the participation of:

Ahlem Belhadj, TunisiaGeneviève Azam, France Rejane Carol, Brazil
Anna Kruzynski, CanadaGustavo Petro, Colombia Robert Brenner, United States of America
Arlene Inouye, United States of AmericaHan Sang-Gyun, South Korea Salonie Muralidhara, India
Asad Haider, United States of AmericaHolly Lewis, United States of America Sam Gindin, Canada
Au Loong Yu, Hong KongJames Meadway, United KingdomTithi Bhattacharya, United States of America
Cédric Durand, FranceJayati Ghosh, IndiaViviana Garcia, Argentina
Clayton Thomas-Muller, CanadaKim Moody, United KingdomWalden Bello, Philippines
Ed Whitfield, United States of America Pablo Solón, Bolivia

…and over 200 speakers from around the world!

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