4 days | 120 sessions | 300 speakers from 12 countries

Keynote conferences


Thursday 17 May 7PM

From the cradle to our grave, our lives are subject to economic constraints. We are constantly being asked to act as a small business every day. Why has the economy taken such a central place in our lives? What are the forces that dominate the course of our survival?

Kari Polanyi

Friday, May 18th 7:30 PM

The anticapitalist left has historically tended to place feminist and anti-racist issues on the side. How do we put forward an emancipatory perspective that fully takes into account gender relations and systemic racism and which does not reduce all social problems to capitalism? What are the conditions for a genuine popular solidarity?


Saturday 19 May 4 PM

Our natural habitat is in crisis. Industrial pollution and climate upheavals are already killing thousands and will destabilize human life for decades to come. How do we get out of this dire situation? How should we act in order to move towards an ecological society?


Saturday 19 May 7:30 PM

Although the 2008 economic crisis has shaken the neoliberal order, the left is struggling to gain ground. Instead, it is the populist right which seems to have profited from this instability/crises. How can progressive movements resume the offensive? How should we think about the articulation between popular mobilizations, immediate demands/goals and the global transformation of society?


Sunday May 20th 2 PM

It is no longer enough to criticize contemporary society. We must articulate and demonstrate the new society we are all fighting for. In order to restore a militant momentum, what ideas and utopias can we use as guides? What are the liberating and achievable models to which we should strive towards? What will happen tomorrow?

Erik Olin

Friday 18 May 4 PM

While critical philosophy faces many challenges today, the questions which animate it remain of extreme importance: how should we think of emancipation in our days? What theory of contemporary society makes it possible to better identify and understand its contradictions, its limits and the avenues for going beyond? Because it is not enough to simply interpret the world, it is also a question of transforming it.


More than 300 speakers, including:

Serge Halimi
Anna Kruzynski
Sue Ferguson
Neil Davison
Jessica Gordon Nembhard
Yves-Marie Abraham
Caroline Shenaz Hossein
Clifford Atleo
Sabrina Fernandes
Anne Latendresse
David Camfield
Eric Martin
Sherry Wolf
Anahi Morales Hudon
Jonathan Durand Folco
Bengi Akbulut
Khury Petersen-Smith
Christophe Aguiton

Panels by themes

Discussion of Climate Leviathan (Verso 2018)

Ven 11:30

Joel Wainwright, Geoff + dissccussants to confirm

Green Capitalism

Ven 11:30

Kenfack Chrislain Eric, Nicole Leaver, Céline Hequet

Moving Away from Oil

Ven 16:00

Kristian Gareau, David Vachon, Patrice Bertolacci, Sheena Wilson

Eco-Social Convergences

Sam 9:30

Sabrina Fernandes, Jen Gobby, Ethan Miller

Capital as Power : Energy and Hierarchy

Sam 9:30

Blair Fix, Jonathan Nitzan, Shimshon Bichler

Can Socialists deal with Ecology?

Dim 9:30

À déterminer

Ecologist movements in Quebec and Canada

Dim 9:30

Martin Poirier, Nicolas Chevalier, Bruno Massé, Christophe Aura

Precarious Accumulation I – Value, Finance and Capitalism

Ven 9:30

Robert Latham, Radhika Desai, Paul Kellogg, Niko Block (Chair)

Capitalism and Health: Hegemony and Counter-hegemony

Ven 9:30

Guillaume Hébert, Marie-Claude Goulet, Anne Plourde, Samir Shaheen-Hussain

Critical capitalism sociology

Ven 11:30

Eric N. Duhaime

Precarious Accumulation II – Intersectional Historical Materialism

Ven 11:30

Paul Kellogg, Abigail Bakan, Elaine Coburn, Peter Hudis

Capital as Power : Reordering Capitalized Power

Ven 11:30

DT Cochran, Ulf Martin

Accumulation, Surplus, Crisis

Ven 11:30

Paul Stasi,Paul Smith, Bret Benjamin, Beverley Best

From the origins to neoliberal globalization : an history of capitalism

Ven 14:00

Christian Pépin

Totalitarisme pervers et souveraineté des corporations

Ven 14:00

Alain Deneault

Social classes today

Ven 14:00

Guillaume Durou, Audrey Laurin-Lamothe

Resistance to Technology

Ven 14:00

Stéphane Chalmeau, Brent Toye, Sharry Taylor, Charvaak Pati

Capital as Power : Culture, Taxes and Inequalities

Sam 14:00

James McMahon, Sandy Hanger, Max Grubman

Introduction to Power Structure Analysis

Ven 16:00

Jane McAlevey

L’internationalisme syndical aujourd’hui

Sam 9:30

Thomas Colombat, Manon Perron, Amélie N’Guyen et Christophe Aguiton

Solidarity unionism as a revolutionary tool

Sam 11:30

Manuel Biquet, Axtli Viau, Gabrielle Manzano, Max Baru

Unions and Radical Social Changes : The Rank and File Strategy

Sam 14:00

Charlie Post, Amy Muldoon, Alain Savard, Suzanne MacNeil, Eleni Schirmer

Unions Against Racism

Sam 16:00

Chrislain Eric Kenfack, Michael Billeaux, walda katz-fishman

Imperialism, Capitalism and Resistance in India

Ven 11:30

Bijayani Mishra, Radha D’Souza, Ranjana Padhi

War, Imperialism and Global Order

Ven 14:00

Paul Kellogg, Sona Kazemi, Paramjit Singh, Inderjeet Singh, Yiming He

Crisis, End or Continuity of american imperialism?

Ven 14:00

Benoît Coutu

The Syrian Revolution, Imperialism and the Left

Dim 9:30

Yasser Munif, Oula Hajjar, Joseph Daher, Ashley Smith

Women, Social Reproduction and Resistance

Ven 11:30

Jared Sacks, Jamie Magnusson, Sabra Rezaei, Mikhail Bjorge

Intersectional and Materialist Feminist Perspectives on Housing Rights

Ven 11:30

Marie-Ève Desroches, Marie-Neige Laperrière, Anne Latendresse

Feminism, Sexuality, Class and Differences

Ven 14:00

Brittany Murray, Gökbörü Sarp Tanyildiz, Alan Sears, Chantal Maillé

Philosophy of Social Reproduction

Ven 14:00

Aaron Berman, Jeremiah Gaster, Aaron Jaffe

Marxism and the Fight to Liberate the Oppressed

Ven 16:00

Sue Ferguson, Jen Roesch, Khury Petersen-Smith, Alan Sears

Feminism, Identity Politics and Class Struggle

Sam 9:30

Siyaves Azeri, Callari Antonio, Abigail Bakan, Sourayan Mookerjea

Resistance and Gender: The Kurdish Women’s Social Transformation Beyond State

Sam 11:30

Elif Genc, Berivan Sarikaya, Ruken Isik, Sevgi Arslan

Feminism, Degrowth and Post-Capitalism

Dim 11:30

, Laurie Gagnon-Bouchard, Viviane Gagné, Léa Héroux-Mailhot

Neoliberalism, finance
and globalization
Debt: between growth and crisis

Ven 9:30

Julia Posca

Youth, Neoliberalism and Emancipation

Ven 9:30

Onur Kapdan, Diandra Olivier, Jayne Malenfant, Naomi Nichols

L’altermondialisme et le Forum social mondial

Ven 9:30

Raphael Canet, Carminda Mac Lorain et Christophe Aguiton

Financialization and Classes in Advanced Capitalism

Ven 11:30

Eric Pineault, Klaus Dörre

Precarious Accumulation III – 21st Century Neoliberalism

Ven 14:00

Greg Albo, Meenal Shrivastava, Gideon Kalman-Lamb

Globalisation, Factories, Free Trade Zone

Ven 14:00

Lucas Pinheiro, Patrick Brodie, Patrick Brian Smith

Financialization, Financial Crisis, Debt

Ven 16:00

Charles-Guay Boutet, Audrey Laurin-Lamothe, Mathieu Perron-Dufour

Facing Neoliberalism in the periphery

Sam 9:30

Thomas Chiasson-Lebel, Himadri Sekhar Mistri, John Hayes

Social movements’ political action against 2.0 neoliberalism

Sam 9:30

À déterminer

Critical theory
What is Capital as Power ?

Ven 9:30

Jonathan Nitzan, Shimshon Bichler

Marx’s Philosophy

Ven 9:30

Peter Braun, Gabrielle Magro, Satoshi Matsui

Introduction to “¨Political-Marxism” (or Capital-Centric Marxism)

Ven 11:30

Xavier Lafrance, Charles Post, Nicole Leach

Marx and the Future of Value Theory

Dim 9:30

Peter Hudis, Jason Schulman, Eric N.Duhaime

Reframing and Reclaiming Monetary and Financial Practices

Ven 14:00

Caroline- Shenaz Hossein, Jesús Suaste , Shannon Ikebe, Louis-Maxime Joly

Social economy then and now : from socialism to anarchism ?

Sam 9:30

Nesrine Bessaïh, Jessica Cabana, Jean-Marc Fontan, Juan-Luis Klein, Anna Kruzynski

Radically Democratic Companies and Organizations

Sam 9:30

Romain Amichaud, Mathieu Roy, Yves-Marie Abraham, Antoine Trussart

Reflecting on Agricultural and Food Transitions

Sam 11:30

Serge-Olivier Rondeau, Sébastien Rioux, Sam Bliss, François Desjardins

Feminist perspectives on economic alternatives : an intergenerational dialogue

Sam 14:00

Catherine Beau-Ferron, Elsa Beaulieu-Bastien, Denyse Côté, Louise Boivin, Elisabeth Germain, Maude Prud’homme, Gabriella Kinté, July Raby (animation)

Inspiring Initiatives

Sam 14:00

David LeBrasseur, Ian Segers, Martin Zibeau

Economic Justice By and For Racialized Communities

Sam 16:00

Stephanie Guico (facilitation), Stéphanie Germain, Mostafa Henaway, Will Prosper, Jessica Gordon-Nembhard

Community Land Trusts as Post-Capitalism’s Secret Weapon

Dim 9:30

Nathan McDonnell, Dimitri Roussopoulos, Josh Hawley

Large-scale reappropriation : the case of Bâtiment 7

Dim 9:30

Judith Cayer, Isabelle Monast-Landriault, Akki Mackay, Shane Keith, Samara Allison, Imane Tidli, Samuel Thériault, Michelle Duchesneau

Community, Democracy, and Mutual Aid: Toward Dual Power and Beyond

Dim 11:30

Dayton Martindale, Mason Herson-Hord, John Michael Colón, Katie Horvath ,Kelly Roache, Eleanor Finley

State and
political parties
State, Hegemony and Transition Towards Socialism: Thinking Our World with Gramsci and Poulantzas

Ven 14:00

Emanuel Guay, Pierre Beaudet, Maristella Svampa, Efe Peker, William Lewis

The radical Left’s government experiments: lessons and challenges

Sam 9:30

Xavier Lafrance, Alexandre Lemay-Roche, Christian Pépin

Left Electoral Strategy in the U.S.

Sam 9:30

Chris Maisano, Eric Blanc, Meagan Day, Neal Meyer

Political Parties and their Transition Strategies

Sam 14:00

Roger Rashi (chair), Invités à déterminer, Hendrick Davi

Venezuela’s Socialism in Question

Sam 14:00

Jeremiah Gaster, Kristin Ciupa, Eva Maria

Racism and
Canada’s Colonial State and Indigenous Resistance

Ven 9:30

Jeff Shantz, Bradley Por, Julie Tomiak, Justin Paulson

It’s Not a Question of Salvation: Materialist Analysis and the Actuality of the Black Panther Party

Ven 9:30

Ben Mabie, Dave Mesing, Andrew Anastasi, Kiran Garcha, Patrick King (Chair)

Race, Colonial Reification and Capitalism

Ven 9:30

Elisabeth Paquette, Kasim Tirmizey

Islamophobia, Secularism, and the Left

Ven 11:30

Ashley Smith, Sofia Arias, Benoit Renaud, Sara Farris, Anas Bouslikhane

The Palestine question in Canada and Québec: Social struggle, Political Contradictions, and Strategic Opportunities

Ven 14:00

Houda Asal, Dan Freeman-Maloy, Mostafa Henaway

The 7th Fire

Ven 16:00

Jonathan Thisselmagan Schuld, Pierrot Ross-Tremblay

Economic Resurgence in Indigenous Communities

Sam 11:30

Karine Awashish, Kam’ayaam/Chachim’multhnii (Cliff Atleo, Jr.), Anahi Morales Hudon (facilitation), David Newhouse

Internationalisme et nationalisme

Sam 11:30

Pascale Dufour et Pierre Mouterde

Québec, Scotland, and Catalonia: The Radical Left and the Struggle for National Self-Determination

Sam 16:00

Ashley Smith, Benoit Renaud, Neil Davidson, Eva María

The Indigenous Leap

Dim 9:30

Panélistes à confirmer

Consolidation of Capitalism in the 19th century

Ven 9:30

Brad Bauerly, Thierry Drapeau, William Clare Roberts

Origins and History of Capitalism

Ven 14:00

Brad Bauerly, Jason Opal, Tim Di Muzio, Matthew Dow

Case Studies in the Origins of Capitalism (Book Launch)

Ven 16:00

Jessica Evans, Michael Zmolek, Nicole Leach, Mark Cohen, Xavier Lafrance, Charles Post

Femmes, travail et reproduction sociale

Sam 14:00

Magda Farhni, Roxane Bélisle, Marie-Pierre Boucher, Camille Robert, Mathieu Jean

État, propriété et colonialisme

Sam 16:00

Dalie Giroux, Elsbeth Heaman, Brian Gettler, Louis-Philippe Lavallée, Robert Sweeny

Contestations et aspirations anticapitalistes au XXe siècle

Dim 9:30

Thierry Drapeau, Geneviève Dorais, Francis Dolan, David St-Denis Lisée, Jaouad Laaroussi

What changed on October 25, 1917: lessons from workers’ control in the beginning of the Soviet Union

Dim 9:30

Todd Chretien, Sherry Wolf, John Riddell

De l’économie morale à l’immoralité néolibérale

Dim 11:30

Sébastien Rioux, Alexandre Lapalme, Mosca Yannissi, Cory Verbauwhede, Martin Petitclerc

Re-examining the Political and Philosophic Legacies of the Russian Revolution

Dim 11:30

Kaveh Boveiri, Paul Gray, Daniel Goldstick, Niloofar Miazzami, Igor Shoikhedbrod, Gabrielle Magro

Transnational Activism and the Communist International

Dim 11:30

Amenophis Lo, Daria Dyakonova, John Riddell

Subjectivation, aliénation et conscience de classe

Ven 9:30

Céline Coat, Maxence L.Valade, Jonathan Martineau, Thierry Gendron-Dugré

Imagination, critique sociale et mélancholie

Ven 9:30

Aurélia Peyrical, Srdjan Cvjeticanin

Panel de Red Wedge I : Contre-culture et reproduction sociale

Sam 9:30

Jordy Cummings, Kate Doyle Griffiths, Tobin LeBlanc Haley, Crystal Stella Beceril

Panel de Red Wedge II : Cartographie cognitive, affect et expérience esthétique

Sam 11:30

Adam Turl, Agatha A. Slupek, Jordy Cummings

Panel de Red Wedge III : Les buts de l’art et de la culture : explorer l’avant-garde populaire

Sam 14:00

Alexander Billet, Holly Lewis, Neil Davidson

Éducation et pédagogie critique

Sam 14:00

Donald Wilson, Richard Simpson, Francsico Luis Reyes Peguero, Christopher Whitehead

Résister au réel : la lutte autour de la culture globale contemporaine

Sam 14:00

Henry Schwarz, Sofia Cutler, Felix Fuchs, Carolyn Jong, Sean McDonell-Maulsby, Carl Plowright, Suvij Sudershan

Combined and Uneven Development as a Model for World Literature: Reflections on the Warwick Research Center (WReC)

Sam 14:00

Henry Schwarz, Sandeep Bannerjee, Zain Mian, Felix Fuchs

Panel de Red Wedge IV : Esthétique et Révolution au 21eme siècle

Sam 16:00

Rachel da Silva Gorman, Sophia Nicola, Jessica Copley, Kara Abdolmaleki

and resistance
Prisons, Work and Discipline

Ven 9:30

Geert Dhondt, Federico Pablo Vázquez García, Emigdio Bernardo Simón, Berivan Sarikaya

Varieties of Capitalism, Varieties of Resistance

Sam 9:30

Robert Latham, Noaman Ali, Ivana Bevilacqua, Shehnoor Khurram

Contemporary Guerilla Movements

Sam 11:30

Bengi Akbulut, Nazan Ustundag, 2-4 more speakers to be confirmed.

Diversity of tactics and practices of resistance

Sam 14:00

Jerome Pelenc, Vincent Beaulieu

Resisting the Turkish State

Sam 14:00

Esra Erdem, Emek Durmusoglu, Caglar Dolek, aysegul kars kaynar

Municipal struggles
City politics and urban struggles

Sam 11:30

, Mathieu Labelle , Joseph EL-Khoury

Urban Struggles Around the World

Sam 14:00

Diego Polanco, Jon Careless, Anna Kruzynski, Blake Poland

Radical municipalism: The Montreal experience

Dim 9:30

Aaron Vansintjan, Eleanor Finley, Sam Boskey, Roger Rashi

Municipalism as a social transformation strategy

Dim 11:30

Eleanor Finley, Jonathan Durand Folco, (Giuliana Fumagali), Aina Tella i Arbor

Independence and socialism in Quebec and Catalonia

Ven 11:30

Richard Fidler, Eric Martin

Reflecting on the US today

Sam 9:30

Serge Halimi, Bhaskar Sunkara

Understanding and Facing the Populist Right in Quebec and Canada

Sam 9:30

Sébastien Bouchard, Murray Cooke

The Trump Moment: Perspectives for the Radical Left

Sam 11:30

David McNally, Ella Mahony, Ashley Smith

Conjunture and Socialist Strategy in Contemporary Latin America

Sam 11:30

Jeffery R. Webber, Colin Mooers, Luiz Renato Martins, Jorge Vasquez

Before Post-Capitalism: Waging the Defensive Struggle with a United Front

Sam 16:00

Michael Brie, Ethan Young, Maria Poblet, Maria Starzmann (Chair)

Universal Income : Tool for Liberation or Poverty Trap?

Dim 9:30

Samuel Bagg, Sarah Small, Edward Teather-Posadas, Ambre Fourrier, Quentin Guatieri

Resistance, Strategy and Autonomy in Brazil, Argentina and Chile

Dim 11:30

Carole Yerochewski, Marcelo Vieta, Dan Furukawa Marques

The Socialism of Polanyi

Dim 9:30

Pascal Lebrun, Kari Polanyi Levitt, Michael Brie

Political Economy of Post-Capitalism

Dim 9:30

Michal Rozworski, Jonathan Durand Folco, Gabriel Monette, Miriam Fahmy

Debate : A socialist government or the politics of commons?

Dim 9:30

Franck Fischbach, Christian Laval, Pierre Dardot

Emancipatory Transitions in Kurdistan and The Prospect of a Radical Democratic Future

Dim 11:30

Gulay Kilicaslan, Behnam Amini, Fouad Oveisy, Gulay Kilicaslan, Sardar Saadi

Revolutionary Socialism for the 21st Century

Dim 11:30

David Camfield, Todd Chretien

Degrowth: a Left project for our Time

Dim 11:30

À déterminer

Socialist and Anarchist Utopias

Dim 11:30

Anitra Nelson, Terry Leahy, Nicole Landry, Félix Lebrun-Paré

Socialism and dialectics in the 21st Century

Dim 11:30

Éric Martin, Karine Régimbald, Nichola Gendreau Richer, Samie Pagé-Quirion

The event


The conference will take place in downtown Montreal, at the Science Campus of Université du Québec à Montréal, in the SH Building (200, rue Sherbrooke Ouest, Montréal)..


A bookfair will be held during the entire conference. We will be welcoming a wide variety of publishers (including Écosociété, Verso Books, Haymarket Books, and PM Press), as well as journals (such as Les Nouveaux cahiers du socialisme, Possibles, Relations, Jacobin and L’Esprit Libre). The fair will make accessible a vast array of French and English books related to the conference’s themes. It will also be a permanent area to meet and network. The fair will take place in the Agora du Coeur des sciences de l’UQAM, two steps away from all the other activities.


Thursday, May 17
5 PM Opening cocktail
7 PM Opening plenary
Friday, May 18
9:30 AM Panels
11:30 AM Panels
2:00 PM Panels
4:00 PM Panels
7:30 PM Keynote conference
9:30 PM Evening activity
Saturday, May 19
9:30 AM Panels
11:30 AM Panels
2:00 PM Panels
4:00 PM Panels
7:30 PM Keynote conference
9:30 PM Evening activity
Sunday, May 20
9:30 AM Panels
11:30 AM Panels
2:00 PM Final plenary



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Organizing committee

The conference is organized by a group of activists and researchers based in Montreal. The members of the organizing collective are: Alain Savard, Anna Kruzynski, Anne Latendresse, Arnaud Theurillat-Cloutier, Bengi Akbulut, Bruno Massé, Carl Plowright, Elie Abouwaked, Elisabeth Béfort-Doucet, Emanuel Guay, Felix Fuchs, Frédéric Legault, Gavin Walker , Guillaume T. Boily, Isobel Plowright, Maika Sondarjee, Jonathan Durand-Folco, Pierre Beaudet, Sara Farah, Simon Tremblay-Pépin, and Sofia Cutler.

To contact us: info@thegreattransition.net